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Hear for yourself.

Below, I've put together a couple of demos for you to checkout. Checkout the voice demo to hear what I'll sound like over the mic. Take a listen to some of the mixing demos to hear what mixing through songs will sound like.

Mix Demo

One of the most important parts of being a DJ is the ability to mix. If something isn't working on the dancefloor or has just been on long enough that it's no longer exciting, a DJ needs to be able to get out of it and into something else quickly before the energy dies. That doesn't mean just stopping the song and starting another - that could kill the energy quicker than just letting the song play! That's where mixing comes in. This is just a quick sample with some super generic songs to get a feel for how I go about doing this.

Voice Demo

Other than music, the thing you'll be hearing most from me is my voice. Take a listen to me introducing a wedding party to get an idea of what I'll sound like over the mic.