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DJ Joel Kupis


Thanks for coming to check out my page! Scroll down to read a little bit about myself, or checkout some of the links at the top to see some reviews, listen to voice and mixing demos, or to get in contact!

Who am I?

DJ, Musician, Lover of All Music, Major Gear Head

My relationship with music started at 4 years old with guitar lessons. Several years later, I picked up piano lessons. In high school, I focused on music, where I learned all about music theory. While in high school, I started the first sound team at my school (I was on the wrestling team too, so I wasn't a complete nerd! :P). I soon combined my love for music with my love for sound gear, and started DJing. I DJed all of the parties at my school, and continued that through college where I picked up weddings. Fast forward to today, I am still DJing, I play drums, and bass! Music is, and always has been my life!

How Do I Get The Party Going?

Careful Observation

There is no perfect playlist in the world that you can just start playing at any event to get a party going. Take the craziest dance party you've ever been to, and play those same songs, in the same order, at a different party, and it almost definitely will not have the same effect. This is because every single crowd is different in some way and because of that fact, I never put a playlist together before any event (with the exception of the songs that you've picked out)! Before the dancing even begins, and the music is more chill, I am paying very close attention to what songs are getting people to start mouthing out lyrics under their breath, which songs got people tapping their feet, etc. I use these observations to figure out what your crowd is into, and play off of that. The results? Packed dance floors all night. Checkout my reviews!

How Do I Keep The Party Going?


Similar to how I get the party going, I use careful observation to keep the party going. You know that feeling when you're at a party with your friends, and one of your favorite songs comes on, and you all just start yelling out the lyrics? This is the type of energy that you want to Keep going all night long. Let's face it, even some of the best dance songs start to loose their effect after awhile. You get 2-3 minutes into a song, and things can start to get boring. This is why I am constantly reading the crowd. My goal is to keep creating that moment where that one song comes on, and everyone just starts shouting out the lyrics, and before that song has a chance to loose it's effect, I'm seamlessly blending into the next one. The result? Like one of my recent reviewers said, "There was no good time to leave the floor, because it was just banger after banger all night!"

So.. speakers and stuff?

Let's talk gear.

If you don't care, or you're not sure if you should care, the TL;DR is: I am obsessed with quality sound, and I buy the best... and lots of it. However, if you're a gearhead too, and want to know what Im packin', read on!

  • Speakers:
    • (2x) JBL PRX715 1500w, Full Range Speakers (Main Setup)
    • (2x) Presonus ULT18 2000w, High Output Subwoofers (Main Setup)
    • (2x) Alto Trouper 250w, Column Array Speakers (Backup Cocktail / Ceremony Setup)
  • Mixers
    • Pioneer DDJ-RZX,Pioneer XP1, Rekordbox DJ Controller / Mixer (Main Setup)
    • Pioneer DDJ-RR (Backup Rig)
  • Microphones
    • (4x) GTD Audio G-733, Wireless Handheld Microphones (Main / Ceremony Setup)
    • (1x) GTD Audio G-733, Wireless Lapel Microphone (Main / Ceremony Setup)
  • Computers
    • 2023 16" Macbook Pro, M2 MAX 12-Core CPU 38-Core GPU, 32gb ram, 1TB SSD (Main Setup)
    • 2014 15" Macbook Pro Retina, 4-Core i7, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD (Backup Setup)
    • 2018 Apple iPad 6th Gen, 32gb (Ceremony / Cocktail Setup)
  • Lighting
    • (6x) 24 LED Par Lights (Main Setup)
    • (2x) 60w Moving Head Lights (Main Setup)
    • (16x) Battery Powered, Wireless, 24 LED Par Lights (Uplighting Package)